Posted on: February 15, 2008 1:16 am

Things I have observed.

Alright first things I have observed.

When players in College get suspended for team rules violations, it hurts the whole team and sometimes a lot.  SDSU having to suspend Spain took them out of a decent shot at the NCAA BB tournament. I feel for those kids.
Having said that I hope they realize that the experiences they gain from College and Sports will last them a lifetime.

Next. I really don't like all the grandstanding by Congress in Baseball, but I like it in the NFL. They have been playing favorites for years, but have been pretending not too.  Goodell started out like he was ano nonsense guy, suspending multiple players, with just cause.  But not holding franchises and coaches to the same standard is wrong.  Belichek should be fined for walking off the field early during the Super Bowl. That is a horrible example to set and a terrible precedent. I don't care if doesn't shake an opposing coaches hand but at least respect the game. Also the "Spy Gate" debacle needs to end quickly with Belichek being suspended for at least two games and the Patriots losing some more draft picks, being fined and or their cap being lowered.  Goodell needs to be consistent across the board. 

Selig has done a horrible job with baseball and needs to step down, but he was consistently bad with everyone. He didn't go after anyone, but as funny as it sounds he didn't play favorites.  So Congress get out and stay out for at least another year and let baseball take care of itself. Then if they can't, make them. 

Well Thanks for reading , if anyone does and let me know what you think.


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